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What are your top colors?
The right colors make you shine, look younger, fade blemishes in your face, …
They give your inner self a boost!
Don’t doubt any longer, invest in yourself and book that appointment.

Do you also want to brows through the fascinating world of color and discover this little piece of yourself?

There is an interaction between our own natural colors and the colors that surround us.
Our natural elements such as hair color, the color of our eyes and the tone of our skin, determine to which color palette we belong.
Determing the head season is done by skin fans, hair samples, eye color, silver and gold cloth and analysis cloths.

Within our own color palette, there are colors which lighten our face extra. These top colors are determined by the season canvases.
Our natural elements are genetically determined and do not change! Due to the aging process our pigmentation may change, whereby it may be appropriate to wear other colors from our palette and less contrasting combinations through the years.

We all have unique characteristics from our (grand) parents, which causes that many of us also have a sub season by the mix of characteristics that we have inherited in our genes. This is determined with the sub season cloths.


One-time investment, always successful purchases!
Color advice Deluxe 3h                                                 Color & Style 5h

100 EUR excl. color passport                                         180 EUR
125 EUR incl. color passport → 160 color tints            220 EUR

How does a color consulation go?
– welcome drink
– introduction round color
– define and discuss your natural features
– cool / warm determination with the silver and gold cloth
– color analyse → determination of the head season by the analysis cloths
– season cloths to determin your top colors
– sub season cloths if applicable
– discussing your color type
explanation warm/cool, light/dark, clear/muted/mixed
– advice on hair, make up, glasses, jewelry & accessories
– contrasts and their emission
– color combinations
– color psychology

Ladies & gentlemen

Color analyse + top colors 1h at 60 EUR
Color analyse + top colors + color pasport at 90 EUR

During a Color and Style consultancy, the customer also gets Image.
Men get 20% discount on the consultation price (excl. passport).