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Personal shopping

During a personal shopping or style walk Color, Style ànd Image are taken into account.
This is the final exercise to put your personal advice into practice if you have had Color and Style.
If not, the personal shopping can be a whole new experience for you.

Before the personal shopping consultant Ann will have a short interview with you to be able to find the ultimate outfit that you need within your budget and that suits your silhouette and personality.
You will learn to shop targeted and efficient. “No waste of time” and “No missteps” are keys!

Your wishes and expectations will be respected. Purchase obligations are not a must. You decide on the final purchase.

During a style walk we go window shopping, customize and combine, so you get practical feeling and insight into the matter Color and Style.

The location can vary from a low-budget store to an exclusive boutique in clothing and footwear, from an optician to a jeweler and more …

45 EUR/hour
0,50 EUR/km compensation

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