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Wardrobe Planning

You have done a color and style analysis, but you are not sure yet where to start?

No problem! A wardrobe planning is the right solution to create orderliness in your wardrobe.

We go through your clothes, shoes and accessories.
We make a first distinction between “right” and “wrong”. Filter the colors that look good on you and the style that honors your silhouette.
We see that there are enough basics to work with and which items are at hand to create accents.
We make different combinations that you can wear and also keep the different occasions in mind like:
casual, sporty, business, festive, …

We work out a wish list from the articles that are required to bring your wardrobe in harmony and complete where necessary.
This way you can shop targeted and avoid impulsive purchases that disrupt your wardrobe.

You will get answers to questions, such as:
-Should I throw away everything?
-What to do with wrong bought colors?
-How do I choose an ensemble with the right combination?
-Can I still wear fashion colors?
And many other facts!

45 EUR/hour
0,50 EUR/km compensation


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